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Our COVID-19 solutions


As we all know, the COVID-19 crisis has created situations of isolation and difficulties in accessing care, greater than ever.

To face these difficulties, HCare has increased its efforts to ensure its mission which is to facilitate the access to care for the isolated and under-served populations, through telehealth solutions. Our objectives is to help communities, organisations and governments that may struggle to treat the ones most susceptible to this disease. 

It is essential to unite our efforts to minimize the spread and the consequences of the pandemic.

In this context, we are currently deploying services to meet the urgent needs caused by COVID-19 for the people of Quebec / Canada. Our solutions can be implemented in short and middle terms.

These services include:

Citizen self-assessment

Coordination of electronic referencing

Patient-general, patient-specialist and general-specialist teleconsultation; in real-time and deferred

Screening and triage of patients before arrival at the clinic

Coordination of remote care

Remote treatment follow-ups

We are very interested in working with you to meet your challenges.

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