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Federate actors to turn vision into reality

To enable sustainability, adequacy and the effectiveness of our solutions during all the Project Development Process, we promote exchange of value and knowledge through a separate process of Co-Creation. 

We define co-creation as a work process involving all stakeholders, from patients to governments to communities, to encourage the sharing of information, ideas, strategies and resources between projects, organisations and sectors. We believe that common vision and creation is necessary to attain sustainable implementations that truly contribute to improving access to healthcare. Collaboration and sharing are essential to making this vision a reality.


from Co-Creation to sustainability

Ideation, Conception

After the project’s ideation from our team, it all begins with co-creation. Our team, the project leaders and community members of the targeted country are gathered around the project conception in order to collectively imagine the project that will meet the expectations and needs of the territory. A scope and situational analysis are defined.

Once the project is validated and financed, HCare manages the project’s development with the partners – specialists, nurses, NGOs, ambassadors etc. With the project leaders highly-involved in the process, HCare makes sure that the operations are run efficiently, adequately and with the best management practices.

Development, Operation


HCare’s telemedicine training program aims to adequately prepare healthcare workers to use telemedicine and more particularly, telehealth platform, to directly and effectively treat their local patients.

Our training programs are designed to be context-aware and lead to pragmatic, informative and relevant learnings. They bring more knowledge and assets to local organizations while increasing their capacity by empowering end-users with deep procedure comprehension and experience. Consultations with local specialists and IT resources will be key in designing the training programs. Courses will be adapted for healthcare workers, in primary and secondary facilities. They will address the need for learning and providing care through new technological health systems implemented.

Also, the integrated management system is installed and designed to make the solutions autonomous and continually independent.

Once the solution is developed and autonomous, HCare manages a network, based on the gathering and sharing of resources and expertise from different actors federated in all projects. We promote the success of each initiative but also strengthen the global community. We believe that collaboration is a key factor to maximize our impact as an organization.

Mobilization, Adoption