Turnkey innovation for equal access and quality to healthcare.

Close gaps in access and quality to Care

Nowadays, the health sector faces escalating challenges that require strategic approaches and initiatives. As a result, HCare has been established to improve access to healthcare in remote areas that are particularly prevalent in underserved areas in Africa and North America; co-create solutions using personalized tools and processes; and focus on improving women's and newborn's health.

Our priority is to create and implement appropriate healthcare tools and trajectories for isolated communities. Our solutions enable systems and actors to work effectively across the continuum of care. The implementation of various synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (delayed time) processes, as well as the strengthening of management techniques, bring important improvements that take into account the specificity of each context and the stakeholders involved.

At HCare, we are committed to strive towards higher healthcare access and quality through our creative approach and innovative solutions.

You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.
– Albert Einstein
Mission and vision

Our Engagements


Our represented digital platform complies with the ethical rules of each national level of doctors in each country, as well as national regulations on the protection of ordinary personal data and health data.


No advertising is done on our platform. We undertake not to sell or transmit to third parties information related to the data’s activity.


To trend toward higher healthcare access and quality in the countries where our solutions are implemented, we want to make available our solutions and our digital platform for territorial care networks supported by states or NGOs.


Our actions and interventions are articulated as social practices in a context of multiethnicity. We recognize the meeting of different cultures as a fundamental condition of the quality of living together. Thus, we act to promote this confluence, by establishing places instituting social action.


Our Commitments

Our model is to be both socially responsible and economically viable. We put forward a logic aiming to favor the participation, the democratization and transparency through social practices (that can positively impact the internal and external actors to the project) and economic (by maintaining a viable activity in the economic system while making benefit the communities but without negatively impacting natural resources).


HCare is committed to be an impactful member of our global community. We align our actions and policies to pursue the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. The following goals are directly reflected in our activities and initiatives:

  • sdg Goal 1: No Poverty
  • sdg Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being
  • sdg Goal 5: Gender Equality
  • sdg Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
  • sdg Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals


We also proudly endorse “Principles for Digital Development“.



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