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Improving Access

We specialize in building scalable solutions that aim to improve access to healthcare, by bridging the gap between the physicians and the patients. We design and implement solutions that add tangible value to the care continuum.

Increasing Quality

We help you streamline and digitalize existing workflows, thus improving quality, productivity and reduce costs. We take advantage of the additional capacities brought by telehealth to improve care quality and reduce workload for physicians.

We build solutions for

Public Sector

Our solutions are designed for the modernization of health systems in the 21st century. We enable the research, experimentation, adoption, and systematization of new practices with measurable results in every public health institution. We aim to reinforce, improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness, assist in the standardization of quality and effective health services for the entire health ecosystem and all its shareholders: hospitals, clinics, patients and health care workers.

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Private Sector

Our means are designed for the most remote industries such as mines and oil drills. We offer dynamic and interactive support to people with a higher risk workplace environment in the private sector through, for example, our offline-first solutions aiming to reduce risks and increase treatment quality for remote employees. We aim to be a pro-active player in health and safety and allow high standards while keeping the will of innovation.

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NGOs and Charities

We actively partner with leading NGOs and Charities to tackle the world’s most challenging problems regarding access to healthcare and quality of care. Our result-oriented approach is designed to maximize impact for the targeted populations. We work in different parts of Subsaharan Africa and Northern Canada to help bring access to the most underserved population.

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Our services

Project Management and Consulting

The health sector presents the greatest challenges for any manager. The balance between patients, health practitioners, the regulatory framework, as well as ethical and personal considerations can often prove a considerable challenge. We provide experienced management resources and training programs that can transfer their expertise and knowledge to your team.

eHealth Implementation

Having the right tool can bring significant efficiency and effectiveness gains, cost savings and improved outcomes. We specialize in the development and implementation of technological programs and tools destined to the health sector. These specialized and customized tools take into account the specific needs, challenges and goals of your organisation.

Care Flow Analysis and Improvement

Identifying and addressing bottlenecks is a challenge that organisations have to face on a regular basis. Using proven and effective tools, we assess your current workflows and provide your organisation with a roadmap that will seek to resolve those issues on a short and durable scale.

Why work with Hcare?

Our mission is to lead your project to success. We help you streamline your processes into scalable telehealth solution

We work together to create a successful and scalable solution

We create a tangible difference for both doctors and patients

We help to reduce costs and improve performance

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