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HCare adapts its offer to meet the urgent needs caused by COVID-19 for the Quebec population. We are developing telemedicine, assessment and remote intervention solutions to adequately equip stakeholders and citizens to face this crisis.

Facilitating Health access for underserved communities

HCare was founded with the mission to facilitate access to healthcare for underserved  and isolated populations in rural areas. Most isolated communities do not have access to basic healthcare, let alone specialized care. Inadequate resources and infrastructure and solutions, lack of skilled labor, rarity of physicians and population growth are contributing to the important mortality and morbidity rates in the rural areas.


Co-Creation of health Access projects

Nowadays, the health sector faces escalating challenges that require strategic approaches and initiatives. As a result, our priority is to create and implement appropriate healthcare tools and trajectories for isolated communities. (4)


Our strategy is based on a precise understanding of the reality of each stakeholder and the definition of concrete actions to meet current challenges. We adopt a collaborative approach which is embedded in the structure of our initiatives and aims to meet two requirements: to build on and enhance the expertise of a region through integrated projects, and to co-construct care paths that are adequate, successful and innovative


Designing Impactful Solutions

HCare has a mission to improve access to healthcare in isolated and underserved areas which are particularly prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and North America. We co-create sustainable health solution; and focus on improving Women, Newborn and Child Health. Our solutions enable systems and actors to work effectively across the continuum of care. The implementation of various synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (store and forward) processes and care flows, as well as the strengthening of current workflows and procedures, bring important improvements that take into account the specificity of each context and the stakeholders involved.

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