The HCare Advantage

We use fast web applications designed for the 21st century

We create solutions for


Simplifying and systematizing consultations and diagnosis through real-time and delayed telehealth, bringing care closer to patients.


Improving access to specialist advices by your local clinicians, reducing unnecessary patient referrals, and increasing the quality and coordination of care.


Providing a smooth, intelligent, equitable patient referral with full traceability so that no one falls through the cracks.


Facilitating optimal and safe communication between physicians, patients, carers and all relevant care teams.

Solutions designed for the 21st Century

The innovative Akinox Platform brings is the possibility to be used without connectivity via an offline mode. Users who do not have an internet access are still able to create cases and manage patients. The transfer of electronic information or synchronization will be performed once the connection is restored.

Fully featured

  • Complete or Hybrid Cloud
  • Fully Web-Based
  • Fully Multilingual
  • Offline First
  • Enterprise-Grade Security and Data Compliance
  • Intergrates with Numerous Services